Snapwebby is web and mobile apps development agency in India providing information technology services to the customers worldwide. Snapwebby is premium and pioneer service provider for Enterprise Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, E-commerce Development And SEO Digital Marketing, Graphics Design. Snapwebby is a conglomerate and an exact combination of experienced people from various cadres who have an attitude to give their best and take up Herculean challenges when it comes to customer satisfaction and offshore services.

We see you as a business partner, not a just a client Snapwebby has brought comprehensive, reliable, quality service to all of our clients. We have taken every step and effort to assure our customers are given our first-rate service and 100% commitment. We are in the business of getting you more business. We see each project as more than a single project for a client, we see it as a partnership moving forward. Our custom services can help your company from initial branding & online identity to marketing and more.

A combination of our client’s vision and valuable goals with our experience creates the best solution. We recognize that each and every client is unique. Because we are not in the business of mass-producing low-quality template based work, we want to ensure that following a method doesn’t define our project life-cycle. So we work conscientiously to implement our proven methodologies and best practices to create a productive and meaningful product that exceeds our customer’s expectation.

We’re Young, Dynamic And Enthusiastic

Fuelled by ideas and grounded in performance, we bring fresh outcome to your existing marketing efforts. With our team of creative, young and radically thinking people, you are provided with artistic options, best technology, and more resources at your fingertips. We are so young that the average age of our team is just 23 years, Yeah!

Afzal Multani

As CEO and Founder, Afzal has set the corporate vision and mission for Snapwebby, focusing on enterprise WordPress development, strategic online marketing, complex software and website development.

Afzal approaches the web design with same curiosity and tenacity as the first day he experimented with HTML. Always striving to truly understand each client’s vision, He has an unparalleled ability to provide his expert opinion while finding a tailored result that uniquely represents the client’s values. Our clients commend him time and time again for his unmatched customer service through web design solutions, helpful and creative attitude.

With extensive knowledge of development technologies, standards, and implementation best practices has been at the forefront of Snapwebby’s top reputation and numerous success stories.


Use our tremendous specialized mastery and energy to exceed expectations to end up an essential piece of our customers on the web and inward achievements in all conceivable ways.


Implement game-changing web and technology services to emphatically change the online experiences of our clients, employees and users.

Snapwebby is where each solution and service is based on innovation. Our extensive variety of services that we give say a lot about the skills we have. We expect to utilize its skills and bring a brand new approach to deal with the business.

At Snapwebby, we don’t believe in putting too many cooks in the kitchen. We’re a lean but strong team of experts in our fields which means better, faster work for you with zero hand-holding required. Rumor has it we’re also lovely to work with.